Some Of The Upcoming Horror Movies That Will Amaze You This 2016 Autumn

Thinking of watching something scary this autumn? Well here are some of the upcoming 2016 autumn movies you should look out for:

The monster

zoe-kazan-the-monsterThe monster is one of the breathtaking horror movies you need to watch this autumn. It concerns a mother who is terrorized together with her daughter by a horrifying monster. The movie features various actors including Zoe Kazan (Kathy), Ella Ballantine (Lizzy), Scott Speedman (Roy), Aaron Douglas (Jesse), Christine Ebadi (Lesslie Williams, and Chris Webb (Monster). The movie is rated R and includes violence and terror. The movie is worth anticipating for.


This horror and thriller movie shows how kidnapped carnival workers are made to struggle for their survival by participating in a murderous game called 31 in a hell-like compound full of vicious clowns. The workers are designated a limited time of which they have to determine their fate by either surviving or succumbing to the hostility of the clowns. The movie features lots of characters including Sheri Moon Zombie (Charly), Jeff Daniel Phillips (Roscoe Pepper), Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Panda Thomas), Meg Foster (Venus Virgo), Kevin Jackson (Levon Wally), and Michael MC Dowell (Father Murder).

The movie constitutes plot keywords such as clown, female frontal nudity, carnival, satanic, and maniac. Moreover, 31 bears an “R” rating for drug use, pervasive language, sexual content, and strong bloody horror violence. The movie’s soundtrack “Walk Away” is a creative work written by Joe Walsh and performed by The James Gang.

6:66 PM

In this movie, a house under investigation by a reality TV crew turns out to be possessed by a serial killer’s ghost. The movie features main stars including Jim Klock (Daniel), Chad Ridgely (Peter), Alexis Kelly (Sheryl), Autumn Federici (Lorraine), and Michael Buonomo (Emmet). Some of the plot keywords used include killer, evil spirit, demon, possession, and demonic possession.


Heretiks unravels the evils a young woman discovers about herself while in the process of repenting her sins in a priory after a close escape from capital punishment. This is one of the captivating movies that will aid your thinking capability giving you the confidence of visiting cinemas regularly. The movie is directed by Paul Hyett and scripted by Gregory Blair and features various actors including Michael Ironside, Rosie day, Hannah Arterton, Clare Higgins, Grahame Fox, and Sian Breckin among others.

Fear, Inc.

This movie seeks to explore the greatest fears experienced by company customers that a horror junkie and his allies sign up in. The movie is directed by Vincent Masciale and scripted by Luke Barnett. Some of the favorite stars you should expect to see include, Caitlin Stasey (Lindsey Gains), Chris Marquette (Ben Davidson), Lucas Neff (Joe Foster), Stephanie Drake (Ashleigh Davidson), and Mark Moses (Abe) among others. The release date will on 21st October.


The Enclosure is about a couple who goes camping to reconnect. The woman comes up with the idea and is seconded by her husband. While camping in the woods, the couple notices a deadly ordeal wiping away the hunters. In fear, they decide to remain inside their tent and have to discover the source of the threat.

Horror movies will gratifyingly boost your courage as you approach this 2016 autumn. Not only will you get entertained but also learn from the scary scenes.


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