Top Awaited Releases Of 2016 Autumn You Should Look Out For

Are you tired of watching monotonous movies? Well, there are lots of appealing movies to look out for this 2016 autumn. Some of the movies that will make your autumn include:

The girl on the train

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Emmy Award-nominated "Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs every weeknight (11:35 p.m. - 12:41 a.m., ET),  packed with hilarious comedy bits and features a diverse lineup of guests including celebrities, athletes, musicians, comedians and humorous human interest subjects. The guests for MONDAY, DECEMBER 15 included actress Emily Blunt ("Into The Woods"), actor Lee Pace ("The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies") and musical guest Alt- J.  (Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images)

The thriller unravels how a beautiful woman, Rachel (Emily Blunt) keeps on marveling at flawless looking couple living in a house located nearby the route passed by her train every day. Surprisingly enough, she gets

captivated by a ghastly mystery on a fateful morning in the course of her daily endeavors and gets intertwined by the ordeal.

Friend Request

The friend request is a marvelous thriller that seeks to portray the consequences of adding a strange friend to one’s list. Laura is a popular college student who seems to enjoy her college lifestyle with tons of Facebook friends with whom she shares everything about her life. Things unexpectedly change after assenting to Marina’s (a social outcast) friend request. Cruel deaths begin to befall her close friends thereby making her life complicated and cursed. She is left with no option but to find a breakthrough on how to crack the deadly spell before she runs out of time.

Middle School: The Worst years of my life

This is a drama movie about Rafe, a student compelled by an epic imagination. On the other hand, Rafe is at loggerheads with his authority and this gets serious following his move to a dictatorial middle school. He meets his best friend LEO at the new school and plans on how to break 286951all the school rules in a ruthless manner. A conflict arises between him and principal Dwilight turning into real and imaginary chaos. Applying his professional technique that is friendly based, Principal Dwilight strikes back at the rule breakers.

At the same time, Rafe plunges into an astonishing dilemma when she meets a top class academic go-getter, Jeanne, whom she has a soft spot for and would do everything to portray his better side. On the other hand, he is subjected to the threat of having a stepfather who is common to him as his mother’s boyfriend.

The birth of a nation

This is a drama which involves a literate slave and preacher called Nat Turner. He works for his owner, Samuel Turner, who has financial issues and is desperate to control his unruly slaves. He resolve to using Nat’s preaching technique to suppress the disorderly slaves. Nat gets offended by the cruelty dominating against his colleagues and decides to do something about it. He mobilizes his fellow slaves to into a revolution that eventually leads them to freedom.

Batman: Return of the caped crusaders

batman-vs-superman-2016This is an action movie unraveling the dangers that Gotham City has been exposed to by Riddler, Penguin, Cotwoman and Joker heinous actions. Batman and Robin are, therefore, obligated to find a way of stopping their enemies from maiming Gotham City. Look out on how Batman and Robin eventually fight for their city to make it a better place.

It is your obligation to go out in the cinemas and explore any available content that will serve you the ultimate satisfaction this autumn.


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