What is your general though about movies and the entertainment following it?

Movies are really a great source of entertainment and there is not a single person around the globe who will want to neglect the importance of movies in their lives. No matter they belong to any genre of the possibilities; they will hold entertainment for specific people. On the other hand, some of them are just loved by all kinds of people and these are the ones that are most awaited from the day they are announced. As soon as there comes an announcement for the production of a movie by a popular franchise or even by a famous producer, it starts getting a lot of appreciation and responses. By the time, we are able to see the trailer; we get our finger crossed for the entertainment coming up. And if that is not all, we will watch these movies again and again, recommend it to others and so on.

What made you get inspired about movies and then finally to write about it?

Talking about myself, I will watch the movie no less than 10 times if I liked it in a month of its release and then it will go in to my favorites few months later that I will be recommending to every other person. A good story perfectly casted is the one that I always have loved and apart from only few movies that really have kind of boring touch, I really have enjoyed a story even if it is repeated but with a better touch or cast. I like fantasy caress more often but that does not stops me from watching romantic or action thrillers. Science fiction has a plus point that they have something new to offer for the viewers and that makes them more interesting and watchful. As of now my watch list do include Silence, Loving, La La Land, Arrival, Rules don’t apply, Rogue One – a star wars story, Passengers, A monster call, Jack Reacher – Never go Back, Fences, Doctor Strange, Nocturnal Animals, Voyage of Time, American Honey, and so much. Well, these are just a glimpse of what will be coming for us in the year 2016 and how it will provide us entertainment.

What can the visitors find about movies at your site?

There will a lot of information about all the upcoming movies that are much awaited and will definitely prove to be a must watch as they release. This will also include the top productions of popular franchises like Star Wars, James Bond, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batman, Harry Potter, Star Trek, X-Men, Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible and many others; it will list up their upcoming movies and the reasons you should go and watch them. Also the top listing for the previous years and specially generalized according to their genres will be a part of this site. You will thus have a sound recommendation for you regarding the upcoming movies that will be worth watching for great movie fans.


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