Best Documentary Movies To Expect This 2016 Autumn

Are you the type that loves dealing with reality? Or do you have the passion for learning from other people’s ideas? Expect to boost your self-esteem this coming autumn from the exhilarating documentary shows that will leave you up-to-date with the current information transpiring in other unfamiliar parts of the globe.

Ice Guardians

This documentary plunges into the controversial positions in the sports history and seeks to examine the kind of lifestyle lived by those undertaking the toughest jobs within today’s National Hockey League with only a portion understanding what it entails to be in this position and how complicated it is to attain the position. The profession is seen as punishing in the manner in which it looks violent. Questions arise as to how the game came into existence and the purpose it serves. Critiques from every dimension indicate that something has to be done. The movie is expected to be released in October 2016 and features various producers including Kelly Chase, Jimmy Lynn, Rocky Mudaliar, Adam Scorgie, and David Singer.

sxfsdThe 13th

The 13th gives a chronological history of racial inequality occurring in the US and tends to find answers as to why the country has the highest imprisonment rate all over the globe. It is, however, notable that the dominant numbers of US prisoners are African-American. Ava DuVernay tracks the origin of racism in the U.S from the reappearance of Black Lives Matter Movement from the KKK and how the system of mass criminalization is facilitated. The documentary is set to be released via online streaming on 7th October on Netflix.

Do not resist

This documentary seeks to focus on the realities associated with American police culture. The realities are increasingly worrying considering the strange behaviors portrayed by the police officers in the recent period. The movie showcases a conference presented by sophisticated weaponry to the potential police buyers in a community having recently secured a military-grade tank followed the execution of a warrant by a SWAT team. The film was directed by Craig Atkinson.

National Birdnational-bird-poster

The National bird orchestrates the distress that has befallen three air force whistleblowers following their participation in the execution of faceless people in different countries. They are subjected questioning and they freely admit their mistakes without fearing about the probable consequences. It finally reaches a point when one of the protagonists travels to Afghanistan to look into the damage. Despite the risks and challenges, she finds the hope of restoring unity, peace, and redemption. The film was produced by Ines Hofmann Kanna.


We are X

This documentary concerns a powerful and successful Japanese music band. With the help of a professional composer, pianist, producer, pianist, and drummer, called Yoshiki, X Japan has seen a considerable improvement in the sales estimated at over 30 million singles and albums. The band’s unending determination dates back to three decades ago when it had to persevere through personal, spiritual, and physical heartache.

Documentary movies are a great milestone when it comes to acquiring first-hand information. They will mentor you, mold you, teach you, update you, and correct you thereby giving you the unquestionable confidence that will help improve your career.


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